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Network Multimeter

What is Network Multimeter?

Network Multimeter is an iPhone app that lets you move around your house, coffee shop, or any wifi location and determine where the best network is available--just like you'd use an analog multimeter to determine which batteries in your drawer have the most power left.

How does it work?

Network Multimeter uses either download speed of a file from the internet or uses "ping", a standard protocol for testing the response speed of an address on the internet. Simply touch the red button to start.

What devices are supported?

Network Multimeter was designed for iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 5 or higher. iPads with iOS 5 or higher are also supported.

What are "D/L" and "Ping"?

"D/L" is short for "download". When the rotary switch is in this position Network Multimeter is testing your download speed. Ping is a standard protocol for testing the response speed of an address over a network or the internet. To change between download and ping tests touch or drag the rotary switch.

How do I read the display?

The needle works much like the old analog multimeters used to test voltage and current. Further to the right means faster download or shorter ping times depending on the position of the rotary switch. Tap the meter area to switch between 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps download ranges.

What do the numbers mean?

The lower row of numbers show the download speed in megabits per second. Higher numbers mean faster downloads. The upper row of numbers show the ping time in milliseconds. Lower numbers mean less latency.

How do I show the graphical history?

Simply tap or slide up the tab at the bottom of the screen to reveal the history. Tap again or slide down to hide it again.

How do I change the settings?

Touch the blue configuration button to change the settings. There you can change the download URL, the ping address, and turn on or off the text tips at the bottom of the main screen.

What download URL should I use?

Any file available via HTTP can be used as a test URL. It is recommended that a file > 50MB be used to allow for longer downloads. The full URL must be used, i.e. (not a real file--just an example).

For more accurate results you can use a local network file:

On Mac/Linux open Terminal and change directory "cd" to a folder with a large file in it, such as your downloads folder:

cd /users/{YourUserName}/downloads

You then just need to run a web server on that location using the following command:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

You will get the message:

Serving HTTP on port 8000 ... 

And you can verify by opening a browser and typing the following address:

If using a Mac, go to your system preferences and under network you will find your local IP address. On either Mac or Linux you can also find your local address from terminal using ipconfig getpacket en0. Use that address instead of "" above when entering into the download URL setting in Network Multimeter. Follow it with a "/" and the name of the file in your folder, for example:

**HINT**: If you browse to http://{YourMacIpAddress}:8000 on Safari on your iOS device you will see a list of files in the folder you defined above and can copy the link of the file you wish to use with a long tap. Then just paste that link into the Download (D/L) URL setting in Network Multimeter.

When you're done just return to your terminal window and hit CTRL+C to cancel the web server.

On Windows you have a number of options:

What does the timer do?

With Network Multimeter you can delay the start of the testing (for example, if you wish to test the wifi signal inside a cabinet) as well as specify how long you'd like the test to run. That is configured by tapping the green timer button.

What ping address should I use?

Any address either in the form or an IP address such as You can ping your local router address which can be determined from your device's settings page.

Can I select from a list of URLs or addresses?

Yes, when you touch the text field for the download URL or ping address a list of default and previously used entries will appear.

Can I remove items from the list of URLs or addresses?

Yes, just swipe your finger to the left on an entrie in the list and a delete button will appear. You can restore the default items by touching the "Reset Defaults" button.

Where does Network Multimeter store the file from the download URL?

Network Multimeter doesn't store the file, it just downloads the data and throws it away to determine the network's speed.

Does Network Multimeter support connections other than Wifi?

Yes, Network Multimeter version 3 now supports cellular data connections. An alert will appear when you are about to test on a cellular connection unless it is disabled in settings.